Blue Jays new logo leaked?

Is this the Blue Jays new logo?

The internet is abuzz with what is apparently the new Blue Jays logo. It’s no secret the Jays will have a new look for next season, and it looks like they’re going retro. God I hope this isn’t it. If there’s one thing I’ve never liked about the Jays, it’s their logo from the get go. The old one is ugly. The update to it in the 90’s was better, but nothing great. The current logo was a departure, so I give them credit, but let’s face, it just didn’t have any pizzazz. And if this is what they’re going with for the foreseeable future, it’s going to cut down on my jersey and t-shirt purchases.

And here are the older logos for comparison.

Blue Jays Original Logo

Blue Jays Original Logo

Credit to TSN

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  • I like their original logo. Always have. This “supposed” new one looks like the one from the mid 90’s. Its not bad, but like you said it doesn’t have any wow factor.

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